MetaToCustomTableMigrator::get_schema_config()protectedWC 1.0

Specify schema config the source and destination table.

Method of the class: MetaToCustomTableMigrator{}

No Hooks.


Array. Schema, must of the form: array(

'source' => array(
	'entity' => array(
		'table_name' => $source_table_name,
		'meta_rel_column' => $column_meta, Name of column in source table which is referenced by meta table.
		'destination_rel_column' => $column_dest, Name of column in source table which is refenced by destination table,
		'primary_key' => $primary_key, Primary key of the source table
	'meta' => array(
		'table' => $meta_table_name,
		'meta_key_column' => $meta_key_column_name,
		'meta_value_column' => $meta_value_column_name,
		'entity_id_column' => $entity_id_column, Name of the column having entity IDs.
'destination' => array(
	'table_name' => $table_name, Name of destination table,
	'source_rel_column' => $column_source_id, Name of the column in destination table which is referenced by source table.
	'primary_key' => $table_primary_key,
	'primary_key_type' => $type bool|int|string|decimal


// protected - for code of main (parent) or child class
$result = $this->get_schema_config(): array;

MetaToCustomTableMigrator::get_schema_config() code WC 9.0.1

abstract protected function get_schema_config(): array;