MetaToMetaTableMigrator::get_meta_config()protectedWC 1.0

Returns config for the migration.

Method of the class: MetaToMetaTableMigrator{}

No Hooks.


Array. Meta config, must be in following format: array( 'source' => array(

'meta'          => array(
	'table_name'        => source_meta_table_name,
	'entity_id_column'  => entity_id column name in source meta table,
	'meta_key_column'   => meta_key column',
	'meta_value_column' => meta_value column',
'entity' => array(
	'table_name'       => entity table name for the meta table,
	'source_id_column' => column name in entity table which maps to meta table,
	'id_column'        => id column in entity table,
'excluded_keys' => array of keys to exclude,

), 'destination' => array(

'meta'   => array(
	'table_name'        => destination meta table name,
	'entity_id_column'  => entity_id column in meta table,
	'meta_key_column'   => meta key column,
	'meta_value_column' => meta_value column,
	'entity_id_type'    => data type of entity id,
	'meta_id_column'    => id column in meta table,

), )


// protected - for code of main (parent) or child class
$result = $this->get_meta_config(): array;

MetaToMetaTableMigrator::get_meta_config() code WC 8.7.0

abstract protected function get_meta_config(): array;