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NumberUtil{} WC 1.0

A class of utilities for dealing with numbers.

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$NumberUtil = new NumberUtil();
// use class methods


  1. round( $val, int $precision = 0, int $mode = PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP )

Code of NumberUtil{} WC 6.1.0

final class NumberUtil {

	 * Round a number using the built-in `round` function, but unless the value to round is numeric
	 * (a number or a string that can be parsed as a number), apply 'floatval' first to it
	 * (so it will convert it to 0 in most cases).
	 * This is needed because in PHP 7 applying `round` to a non-numeric value returns 0,
	 * but in PHP 8 it throws an error. Specifically, in WooCommerce we have a few places where
	 * round('') is often executed.
	 * @param mixed $val The value to round.
	 * @param int   $precision The optional number of decimal digits to round to.
	 * @param int   $mode A constant to specify the mode in which rounding occurs.
	 * @return float The value rounded to the given precision as a float, or the supplied default value.
	public static function round( $val, int $precision = 0, int $mode = PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP ) : float {
		if ( ! is_numeric( $val ) ) {
			$val = floatval( $val );
		return round( $val, $precision, $mode );