WC_Abstract_Order::get_subtotal()publicWC 1.0

Gets order subtotal. Order subtotal is the price of all items excluding taxes, fees, shipping cost, and coupon discounts. If sale price is set on an item, the subtotal will include this sale discount. E.g. a product with a regular price of $100 bought at a 50% discount will represent $50 of the subtotal for the order.

Method of the class: WC_Abstract_Order{}

Hooks from the method




$WC_Abstract_Order = new WC_Abstract_Order();

WC_Abstract_Order::get_subtotal() code WC 8.7.0

public function get_subtotal() {
	$subtotal = NumberUtil::round( $this->get_cart_subtotal_for_order(), wc_get_price_decimals() );
	return apply_filters( 'woocommerce_order_get_subtotal', (float) $subtotal, $this );