WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard::plugin_install_info()publicWC 1.0

Deprecated from version 4.6.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. It is recommended to replace this function with the same one.

Plugin install info message markup with heading.

Method of the class: WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing (null).


$WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard = new WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard();


Deprecated since 4.6.0

WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard::plugin_install_info() code WC 8.9.0

public function plugin_install_info() {
	_deprecated_function( __CLASS__ . '::' . __FUNCTION__, '4.6.0', 'Onboarding is maintained in WooCommerce Admin.' );
	<span class="plugin-install-info">
		<span class="plugin-install-info-label"><?php esc_html_e( 'The following plugins will be installed and activated for you:', 'woocommerce' ); ?></span>
		<span class="plugin-install-info-list"></span>