WC_Comments::exclude_order_comments()public staticWC 1.0

Exclude order comments from queries and RSS.

This code should exclude shop_order comments from queries. Some queries (like the recent comments widget on the dashboard) are hardcoded. and are not filtered, however, the code current_user_can( 'read_post', $comment->comment_post_ID ) should keep them safe since only admin and. shop managers can view orders anyway.

The frontend view order pages get around this filter by using remove_filter(comments_clauses, array( 'WC_Comments' ,'exclude_order_comments'), 10, 1 );

Method of the class: WC_Comments{}

No Hooks.




$result = WC_Comments::exclude_order_comments( $clauses );
$clauses(array) (required)
A compacted array of comment query clauses.

WC_Comments::exclude_order_comments() code WC 8.3.0

public static function exclude_order_comments( $clauses ) {
	$clauses['where'] .= ( $clauses['where'] ? ' AND ' : '' ) . " comment_type != 'order_note' ";
	return $clauses;