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function is not described

WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order::set_email_strings() public WC 1.0

Deprecated from version 3.1.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. Use d instead.

Set email strings.

{} It's a method of the class: WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order = new WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order();
$WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order->set_email_strings( $partial_refund );
Whether it is a partial refund or a full refund.
Default: false


Deprecated Since 3.1.0 Unused.

Code of WC_Email_Customer_Refunded_Order::set_email_strings() WC 5.9.0

public function set_email_strings( $partial_refund = false ) {}