WC_Install::remove_mailchimps_redirect()public staticWC 1.0

Removes redirect added during MailChimp plugin's activation.

{} It's a method of the class: WC_Install{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$result = WC_Install::remove_mailchimps_redirect( $option, $value );
$option(string) (required)
Option name.
$value(string) (required)
Option value.

Code of WC_Install::remove_mailchimps_redirect() WC 6.7.0

public static function remove_mailchimps_redirect( $option, $value ) {
	// Remove this action to prevent infinite looping.
	remove_action( 'add_option_mailchimp_woocommerce_plugin_do_activation_redirect', array( __CLASS__, 'remove_mailchimps_redirect' ) );

	// Update redirect back to false.
	update_option( 'mailchimp_woocommerce_plugin_do_activation_redirect', false );