WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface::get_methods()publicWC 1.0

Get a list of shipping methods for a specific zone.

{} It's a method of the class: WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface{}

No Hooks.


Array. Array of objects containing method_id, method_order, instance_id, is_enabled


$WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface = new WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface();
$WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface->get_methods( $zone_id, $enabled_only );
$zone_id(int) (required)
Zone ID.
$enabled_only(true|false) (required)
True to request enabled methods only.

Code of WC_Shipping_Zone_Data_Store_Interface::get_methods() WC 6.8.2

public function get_methods( $zone_id, $enabled_only );