WooCommerce::call_static()publicWC 4.4

Call a static method in a class. This should be used to execute any non-idempotent method in classes from the includes directory.

This method can be useful for unit tests, since methods called using this method can be easily mocked by using WC_Unit_Test_Case::register_legacy_proxy_static_mocks.

Method of the class: WooCommerce{}

No Hooks.


Mixed. The result from the method.


$result = WooCommerce::call_static( $class_name, $method_name, ...$parameters );
$class_name(string) (required)
The name of the class containing the method.
$method_name(string) (required)
The name of the method.
...$parameters(mixed) (required)
The parameters to pass to the method.


Since 4.4 Introduced.

WooCommerce::call_static() code WC 8.3.0

public function call_static( $class_name, $method_name, ...$parameters ) {
	return wc_get_container()->get( LegacyProxy::class )->call_static( $class_name, $method_name, ...$parameters );