wc_schedule_single_action()WC 1.0

Schedule an action to run one time

No Hooks.


String. The job ID


wc_schedule_single_action( $timestamp, $hook, $args, $group );
$timestamp(int) (required)
When the job will run
$hook(string) (required)
The hook to trigger
Arguments to pass when the hook triggers
Default: array()
The group to assign this job to
Default: ''

Code of wc_schedule_single_action() WC 6.6.1

function wc_schedule_single_action( $timestamp, $hook, $args = array(), $group = '' ) {
	_deprecated_function( __FUNCTION__, '2.1.0', 'as_schedule_single_action()' );
	return as_schedule_single_action( $timestamp, $hook, $args, $group );