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action_scheduler_use_cpu_execution_time filter-hook . WC 1.0

Get the CPU time if the hosting environment uses it rather than wall-clock time to calculate a process's execution time.


add_filter( 'action_scheduler_use_cpu_execution_time', 'filter_function_name_1993' );
function filter_function_name_1993( $defined ){
	// filter...

	return $defined;

Where the hook is called

woocommerce/packages/action-scheduler/classes/abstracts/ActionScheduler_Abstract_QueueRunner.php 150
if ( function_exists( 'getrusage' ) && apply_filters( 'action_scheduler_use_cpu_execution_time', defined( 'PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT' ) ) ) {

Where in WP core the hook is used WooCommerce

Usage not found.