wc_help_tip filter-hookWC 7.7.0

Filter the help tip.


add_filter( 'wc_help_tip', 'wp_kama_wc_help_tip_filter', 10, 4 );

 * Function for `wc_help_tip` filter-hook.
 * @param string $tip_html      Help tip HTML.
 * @param string $sanitized_tip Sanitized help tip text.
 * @param string $tip           Original help tip text.
 * @param bool   $allow_html    Allow sanitized HTML if true or escape.
 * @return string
function wp_kama_wc_help_tip_filter( $tip_html, $sanitized_tip, $tip, $allow_html ){

	// filter...
	return $tip_html;
Help tip HTML.
Sanitized help tip text.
Original help tip text.
Allow sanitized HTML if true or escape.


Since 7.7.0 Introduced.

Where the hook is called

woocommerce/includes/wc-core-functions.php 1594
return apply_filters( 'wc_help_tip', '<span class="woocommerce-help-tip" tabindex="0" aria-label="' . $sanitized_tip . '" data-tip="' . $sanitized_tip . '"></span>', $sanitized_tip, $tip, $allow_html );

Where the hook is used in WooCommerce

Usage not found.