add_custom_image_header()WP 2.1.0

Deprecated from version 3.4.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. Use add_theme_support() instead.

Add callbacks for image header display.

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


add_custom_image_header( $wp_head_callback, $admin_head_callback, $admin_preview_callback );
$wp_head_callback(callable) (required)
Call on the wp_head action.
$admin_head_callback(callable) (required)
Call on custom header administration screen.
Output a custom header image div on the custom header administration screen. Optional.
Default: ''



Since 2.1.0 Introduced.
Deprecated Since 3.4.0 Use add_theme_support()

Code of add_custom_image_header() WP 6.0

function add_custom_image_header( $wp_head_callback, $admin_head_callback, $admin_preview_callback = '' ) {
	_deprecated_function( __FUNCTION__, '3.4.0', 'add_theme_support( \'custom-header\', $args )' );
	$args = array(
		'wp-head-callback'    => $wp_head_callback,
		'admin-head-callback' => $admin_head_callback,
	if ( $admin_preview_callback )
		$args['admin-preview-callback'] = $admin_preview_callback;
	return add_theme_support( 'custom-header', $args );