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update_user_caches() WP 3.0.0

Update all user caches

No Hooks.


true/false/null. Returns false on failure.


update_user_caches( $user );
$user(WP_User) (required)
User object to be cached

Code of update user caches: wp-includes/user.php VER 5.0.3

function update_user_caches( $user ) {
	if ( $user instanceof WP_User ) {
		if ( ! $user->exists() ) {
			return false;

		$user = $user->data;

	wp_cache_add($user->ID, $user, 'users');
	wp_cache_add($user->user_login, $user->ID, 'userlogins');
	wp_cache_add($user->user_email, $user->ID, 'useremail');
	wp_cache_add($user->user_nicename, $user->ID, 'userslugs');