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wp_kses_bad_protocol_once2() WP 1.0.0

Callback for wp_kses_bad_protocol_once() regular expression.

This function processes URL protocols, checks to see if they're in the whitelist or not, and returns different data depending on the answer.

No Hooks.


String. Sanitized content


wp_kses_bad_protocol_once2( $string, $allowed_protocols );
$string(string) (required)
URI scheme to check against the whitelist
$allowed_protocols(string) (required)
Allowed protocols

Code of wp kses bad protocol once2: wp-includes/kses.php VER 5.0.3

function wp_kses_bad_protocol_once2( $string, $allowed_protocols ) {
	$string2 = wp_kses_decode_entities($string);
	$string2 = preg_replace('/\s/', '', $string2);
	$string2 = wp_kses_no_null($string2);
	$string2 = strtolower($string2);

	$allowed = false;
	foreach ( (array) $allowed_protocols as $one_protocol )
		if ( strtolower($one_protocol) == $string2 ) {
			$allowed = true;

	if ($allowed)
		return "$string2:";
		return '';