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site_status_test_result filter-hook . WP 5.3.0

Filter the output of a finished Site Health test.


add_filter( 'site_status_test_result', 'filter_function_name_4740' );
function filter_function_name_4740( $test_result ){
	// filter...

	return $test_result;

An associative array of test result data.

  • label(string)
    A label describing the test, and is used as a header in the output.

  • status(string)
    The status of the test, which can be a value of good, recommended or critical.

  • badge(array)
    Tests are put into categories which have an associated badge shown, these can be modified and assigned here.

    • label(string)
      The test label, for example Performance.

    • color(string)
      Default blue. A string representing a color to use for the label.
  • description(string)
    A more descriptive explanation of what the test looks for, and why it is important for the end user.

  • actions(string)
    An action to direct the user to where they can resolve the issue, if one exists.

  • test(string)
    The name of the test being ran, used as a reference point.

Список изменений

С версии 5.3.0 Введена.

Где вызывается хук

wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-health.php 175
return apply_filters( 'site_status_test_result', call_user_func( $callback ) );

Где используется хук в ядре WP

Использование не найдено.