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CssSelectorConverter{} WC 1.0

CssSelectorConverter is the main entry point of the component and can convert CSS selectors to XPath expressions.

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$CssSelectorConverter = new CssSelectorConverter();
// use class methods


  1. __construct($html = true)
  2. toXPath($cssExpr, $prefix = 'descendant-or-self::')

Code of CssSelectorConverter{} WC 5.3.0

class CssSelectorConverter
    private $translator;

     * @param bool $html Whether HTML support should be enabled. Disable it for XML documents
    public function __construct($html = true)
        $this->translator = new Translator();

        if ($html) {
            $this->translator->registerExtension(new HtmlExtension($this->translator));

            ->registerParserShortcut(new EmptyStringParser())
            ->registerParserShortcut(new ElementParser())
            ->registerParserShortcut(new ClassParser())
            ->registerParserShortcut(new HashParser())

     * Translates a CSS expression to its XPath equivalent.
     * Optionally, a prefix can be added to the resulting XPath
     * expression with the $prefix parameter.
     * @param string $cssExpr The CSS expression
     * @param string $prefix  An optional prefix for the XPath expression
     * @return string
    public function toXPath($cssExpr, $prefix = 'descendant-or-self::')
        return $this->translator->cssToXPath($cssExpr, $prefix);