ListTable::column_default()publicWC 1.0

Handles output for the default column.

Method of the class: ListTable{}

Hooks from the method


null. Nothing.


$ListTable = new ListTable();
$ListTable->column_default( $order, $column_name );
$order(\WC_Order) (required)
Current WooCommerce order object.
$column_name(string) (required)
Identifier for the custom column.

ListTable::column_default() code WC 7.1.0

public function column_default( $order, $column_name ) {
	 * Fires for each custom column in the Custom Order Table in the administrative screen.
	 * @param string    $column_name Identifier for the custom column.
	 * @param \WC_Order $order       Current WooCommerce order object.
	 * @since 7.0.0
	do_action( "manage_{$this->screen->id}_custom_column", $column_name, $order );