WC_Helper::_get_subscriptions_from_product_id()private staticWC 1.0

Get a subscription entry from product_id. If multiple subscriptions are found with the same product id and $single is set to true, will return the first one in the list, so you can use this method to get things like extension name, version, etc.

Method of the class: WC_Helper{}

No Hooks.


Array|true|false. The array containing sub data or false.


$result = WC_Helper::_get_subscriptions_from_product_id( $product_id, $single );
$product_id(int) (required)
The product id.
Whether to return a single subscription or all matching a product id.
Default: true

WC_Helper::_get_subscriptions_from_product_id() code WC 8.0.2

private static function _get_subscriptions_from_product_id( $product_id, $single = true ) {
	$subscriptions = wp_list_filter( self::get_subscriptions(), array( 'product_id' => $product_id ) );
	if ( ! empty( $subscriptions ) ) {
		return $single ? array_shift( $subscriptions ) : $subscriptions;

	return false;