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wc_untokenize_path() WC 4.3.0

Given a tokenized path, this will expand the tokens to their full path.

No Hooks.


String. The absolute path.


wc_untokenize_path( $path, $path_tokens );
$path(string) (required)
The absolute path to expand.
$path_tokens(array) (required)
An array keyed with the token, containing paths that should be expanded.


Since 4.3.0 Introduced.

Code of wc_untokenize_path() WC 5.8.0

function wc_untokenize_path( $path, $path_tokens ) {
	foreach ( $path_tokens as $token => $token_path ) {
		$path = str_replace( '{{' . $token . '}}', $token_path, $path );

	return $path;