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get_post_gallery() WP 1.0

Check a specified post's content for gallery and, if present, return the first


String/Array. Gallery data and srcs parsed from the expanded shortcode.


get_post_gallery( $post, $html );
Post ID or WP_Post object.
Default: global $post
Whether to return HTML or data.
Default: true


Since 3.6.0 Introduced.

Код get_post_gallery() WP 5.5.1

function get_post_gallery( $post = 0, $html = true ) {
	$galleries = get_post_galleries( $post, $html );
	$gallery   = reset( $galleries );

	 * Filters the first-found post gallery.
	 * @since 3.6.0
	 * @param array       $gallery   The first-found post gallery.
	 * @param int|WP_Post $post      Post ID or object.
	 * @param array       $galleries Associative array of all found post galleries.
	return apply_filters( 'get_post_gallery', $gallery, $post, $galleries );

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