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get_the_modified_date() WP 1.0

Retrieve the date on which the post was last modified.

Is the basis for: the_modified_date()
Works based on: get_post_modified_time()
Hooks from the function

false/String. Date the current post was modified. False on failure.


get_the_modified_date( $d, $post );
PHP date format defaults to the date_format option if not specified.
Default: ''
Post ID or WP_Post object.
Default: current post


Since 2.1.0 Introduced.
Since 4.6.0 Added the $post parameter.

Code of get the modified date: wp-includes/general-template.php WP 5.2.3

function get_the_modified_date( $d = '', $post = null ) {
	$post = get_post( $post );

	if ( ! $post ) {
		// For backward compatibility, failures go through the filter below.
		$the_time = false;
	} elseif ( empty( $d ) ) {
		$the_time = get_post_modified_time( get_option( 'date_format' ), false, $post, true );
	} else {
		$the_time = get_post_modified_time( $d, false, $post, true );

	 * Filters the date a post was last modified.
	 * @since 2.1.0
	 * @since 4.6.0 Added the `$post` parameter.
	 * @param string|bool  $the_time The formatted date or false if no post is found.
	 * @param string       $d        PHP date format. Defaults to value specified in
	 *                               'date_format' option.
	 * @param WP_Post|null $post     WP_Post object or null if no post is found.
	return apply_filters( 'get_the_modified_date', $the_time, $d, $post );

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