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remove_action() WP 1.0

Removes a function from a specified action hook.

This function removes a function attached to a specified action hook. This method can be used to remove default functions attached to a specific filter hook and possibly replace them with a substitute.

Works based on: remove_filter()
1 time = 0.00001s = speed of light | 50000 times = 0.06s = speed of light

No Hooks.


true/false. Whether the function is removed.


remove_action( $tag, $function_to_remove, $priority );
$tag(string) (required)
The action hook to which the function to be removed is hooked.
$function_to_remove(callable) (required)
The name of the function which should be removed.
The priority of the function.
Default: 10


Since 1.2.0 Introduced.

Code of remove_action() WP 5.5.3

function remove_action( $tag, $function_to_remove, $priority = 10 ) {
	return remove_filter( $tag, $function_to_remove, $priority );

From tag: Actions (hooks)

More from category: Hooks (actions, filters)

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