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remove_permastruct() WP 1.0

Removes a permalink structure.

Can only be used to remove permastructs that were added using add_permastruct(). Built-in permastructs cannot be removed.

Works based on: WP_Rewrite()
1 time — 0.000013 sec (very fast) | 50000 times — 0.02 sec (speed of light) | PHP 7.0.5, WP 4.5

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


remove_permastruct( $name );
$name(string) (required)
Name for permalink structure.


  • See: WP_Rewrite::remove_permastruct()
  • Global. WP_Rewrite. $wp_rewrite WordPress rewrite component.


Since 4.5.0 Introduced.

Code of remove_permastruct() WP 5.7.2

function remove_permastruct( $name ) {
	global $wp_rewrite;

	$wp_rewrite->remove_permastruct( $name );

From tag: Rewrite (clean friendly URL)

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