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wp_text_diff() WP 1.0

Displays a human readable HTML representation of the difference between two strings.

The Diff is available for getting the changes between versions. The output is HTML, so the primary use is for displaying the changes. If the two strings are equivalent, then an empty string will be returned.

The arguments supported and can be changed are listed below.

'title' : Default is an empty string. Titles the diff in a manner compatible with the output. 'title_left' : Default is an empty string. Change the HTML to the left of the title. 'title_right' : Default is an empty string. Change the HTML to the right of the title.

  • See: wp_parse_args() Used to change defaults to user defined settings.

This is a pluggable function, and it can be replaced by a plugin. It means that this function is defined (works) only after all plugins are loaded (included), but before this moment this function has not defined. Therefore, you cannot call this and all functions depended on this function directly from a plugin code. It must be called on plugins_loaded hook or later, for example on init hook.

Function replacement (override) — in a plugin you can create a function with the same name, then it replace this function.

No Hooks.


String. Empty string if strings are equivalent or HTML with differences.


wp_text_diff( $left_string, $right_string, $args );
$left_string(string) (required)
"old" (left) version of string
$right_string(string) (required)
"new" (right) version of string
Change 'title', 'title_left', and 'title_right' defaults.
Default: null

Code of wp text diff: wp-includes/pluggable.php VER 5.0.3

function wp_text_diff( $left_string, $right_string, $args = null ) {
	$defaults = array( 'title' => '', 'title_left' => '', 'title_right' => '' );
	$args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );

	if ( ! class_exists( 'WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table', false ) )
		require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/wp-diff.php' );

	$left_string  = normalize_whitespace($left_string);
	$right_string = normalize_whitespace($right_string);

	$left_lines  = explode("\n", $left_string);
	$right_lines = explode("\n", $right_string);
	$text_diff = new Text_Diff($left_lines, $right_lines);
	$renderer  = new WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table( $args );
	$diff = $renderer->render($text_diff);

	if ( !$diff )
		return '';

	$r  = "<table class='diff'>\n";

	if ( ! empty( $args[ 'show_split_view' ] ) ) {
		$r .= "<col class='content diffsplit left' /><col class='content diffsplit middle' /><col class='content diffsplit right' />";
	} else {
		$r .= "<col class='content' />";

	if ( $args['title'] || $args['title_left'] || $args['title_right'] )
		$r .= "<thead>";
	if ( $args['title'] )
		$r .= "<tr class='diff-title'><th colspan='4'>$args[title]</th></tr>\n";
	if ( $args['title_left'] || $args['title_right'] ) {
		$r .= "<tr class='diff-sub-title'>\n";
		$r .= "\t<td></td><th>$args[title_left]</th>\n";
		$r .= "\t<td></td><th>$args[title_right]</th>\n";
		$r .= "</tr>\n";
	if ( $args['title'] || $args['title_left'] || $args['title_right'] )
		$r .= "</thead>\n";

	$r .= "<tbody>\n$diff\n</tbody>\n";
	$r .= "</table>";

	return $r;

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