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get_query_var() WP 1.0

Retrieve variable in the WP_Query class.

Works based on: WP_Query::get()
1 time = 0.000021s = very fast | 50000 times = 0.06s = speed of light

No Hooks.


Mixed. Contents of the query variable.


get_query_var( $var, $default );
$var(string) (required)
The variable key to retrieve.
Value to return if the query variable is not set.
Default: ''


  • Global. WP_Query. $wp_query WordPress Query object.


Since 1.5.0 Introduced.
Since 3.9.0 The $default argument was introduced.

Code of get_query_var() WP 5.6

function get_query_var( $var, $default = '' ) {
	global $wp_query;
	return $wp_query->get( $var, $default );

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