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wp_hash_password()WP 2.5.0

Encrypts the specified text to make a password hash from it.

Creates a hash from plain text. The hash is always unique, i.e. if the function is called 2 times, the results will be different. see example 1.

The function uses the PasswordHash class, which is located in /wp-includes/class-phpass.php. PasswordHash can be configured, see the example.

Pluggable function — this function can be replaced from a plugin. It means that this function is defined (works) only after all plugins are loaded (included), but before this moment this function has not defined. Therefore, you cannot call this and all functions depended on this function directly from a plugin code. They need to be called on plugins_loaded hook or later, for example on init hook.

Function replacement (override) — in must-use or regular plugin you can create a function with the same name, then it will replace this function.

1 time — 0.003847 sec (very slow) | 50000 times — 106.27 sec (extremely slow) | PHP 7.2.5, WP 4.9.8

No Hooks.


String. The hash string of the password.


wp_hash_password( $password );
$password(string) (required)
Plain text user password to hash.



#1 Function operation example

echo wp_hash_password( 'my_pass' ); //> $P$B1tp3GD53ykbIGC4hf84pvbEjSUloq.

// let's encrypt again in the same way
echo wp_hash_password( 'my_pass' ); //> $P$Bu3CWn/Y0zTG8IXJ8ee9yiT715tWxG/

#2 Set global variable $wp_hasher, to create a password with the required parameters:

global $wp_hasher;
$wp_hasher = new PasswordHash( 16, FALSE );
$hashedPassword = wp_hash_password( $password );

#3 Let's compare the encrypted password with not encrypted one

$wp_hasher = new PasswordHash( 8, TRUE );

$password_hashed = '$P$B55D6LjfHDkINU5wF.v2BuuzO0/XPk/';
$plain_password  = 'test';

if( $wp_hasher->CheckPassword($plain_password, $password_hashed) ) {
	echo "The passwords match";
else {
	echo "The password is not correct";


  • Global. PasswordHash. $wp_hasher PHPass object.


Since 2.5.0 Introduced.

wp_hash_password() code WP 6.5.4

function wp_hash_password( $password ) {
	global $wp_hasher;

	if ( empty( $wp_hasher ) ) {
		require_once ABSPATH . WPINC . '/class-phpass.php';
		// By default, use the portable hash from phpass.
		$wp_hasher = new PasswordHash( 8, true );

	return $wp_hasher->HashPassword( trim( $password ) );
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