the_author_meta()WP 2.8.0

Outputs the field from the user's DB object. Defaults to current post's author.

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null. Nothing (null).


the_author_meta( $field, $user_id );
Selects the field of the users record. See get_the_author_meta() for the list of possible fields.
Default: ''
User ID.
Default: current post author



#1 Output the email of the author of the post (use the function inside the Loop):

<p>Ator's email: <?php the_author_meta('user_email'); ?></p>

#2 Display email of the author's with ID=45:

E-mail address of the author with ID 25: <?php the_author_meta( 'user_email', 25 ); ?>

#3 Advanced use

Some plugins can add their own meta fields for users, to display such meta fields need to specify their name in the first parameter.

Suppose the plugin added a new meta field: twitter and the value of this field is "wordpress", then the code:

<p>The author's twitter name: <?php the_author_meta('twitter'); ?></p>

Output: Twitter author name: wordpress



Since 2.8.0 Introduced.

the_author_meta() code WP 6.4.3

function the_author_meta( $field = '', $user_id = false ) {
	$author_meta = get_the_author_meta( $field, $user_id );

	 * Filters the value of the requested user metadata.
	 * The filter name is dynamic and depends on the $field parameter of the function.
	 * @since 2.8.0
	 * @param string    $author_meta The value of the metadata.
	 * @param int|false $user_id     The user ID.
	echo apply_filters( "the_author_{$field}", $author_meta, $user_id );