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get_the_author_link() WP 1.0

Retrieve either author's link or author's name.

If the author has a home page set, return an HTML link, otherwise just return the author's name.

Basis of: the_author_link()

No Hooks.


String|null. An HTML link if the author's url exist in user meta, else the result of get_the_author().




Since 3.0.0 Introduced.

Code of get_the_author_link() WP 5.7.1

function get_the_author_link() {
	if ( get_the_author_meta( 'url' ) ) {
		return sprintf(
			'<a href="%1$s" title="%2$s" rel="author external">%3$s</a>',
			esc_url( get_the_author_meta( 'url' ) ),
			/* translators: %s: Author's display name. */
			esc_attr( sprintf( __( 'Visit %s&#8217;s website' ), get_the_author() ) ),
	} else {
		return get_the_author();

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