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is_multi_author() WP 1.0

Does this site have more than one author

Checks to see if more than one author has published posts.

For more information on this and similar theme functions, check out the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook.

Hooks from the function

true/false. Whether or not we have more than one author




  • Global. wpdb. $wpdb WordPress database abstraction object.


Since 3.2.0 Introduced.

Code of is multi author: wp-includes/author-template.php WP 5.4.2

function is_multi_author() {
	global $wpdb;

	$is_multi_author = get_transient( 'is_multi_author' );
	if ( false === $is_multi_author ) {
		$rows            = (array) $wpdb->get_col( "SELECT DISTINCT post_author FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = 'post' AND post_status = 'publish' LIMIT 2" );
		$is_multi_author = 1 < count( $rows ) ? 1 : 0;
		set_transient( 'is_multi_author', $is_multi_author );

	 * Filters whether the site has more than one author with published posts.
	 * @since 3.2.0
	 * @param bool $is_multi_author Whether $is_multi_author should evaluate as true.
	return apply_filters( 'is_multi_author', (bool) $is_multi_author );

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