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has_tag() WP 1.0

Check if the current post has any of given tags.

The given tags are checked against the post's tags' term_ids, names and slugs. Tags given as integers will only be checked against the post's tags' term_ids. If no tags are given, determines if post has any tags.

Prior to v2.7 of WordPress, tags given as integers would also be checked against the post's tags' names and slugs (in addition to term_ids) Prior to v2.7, this function could only be used in the WordPress Loop. As of 2.7, the function can be used anywhere if it is provided a post ID or post object.

For more information on this and similar theme functions, check out the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook.

Works based on: has_term()
✈ 1 time = 0.001853s = very slow | 50000 times = 96.58s = very slow

No Hooks.


true/false. True if the current post has any of the given tags (or any tag, if no tag specified).


has_tag( $tag, $post );
The tag name/term_id/slug or array of them to check for.
Default: ''
Post to check instead of the current post. (since 2.7.0)
Default: null

Code of has tag: wp-includes/category-template.php VER 5.1.1

function has_tag( $tag = '', $post = null ) {
	return has_term( $tag, 'post_tag', $post );

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