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wp_kses_uri_attributes() WP 5.0.1

Helper function listing HTML attributes containing a URL.

This function returns a list of all HTML attributes that must contain a URL according to the HTML specification.

This list includes URI attributes both allowed and disallowed by KSES.

Hooks in function

Array. HTML attributes that must include a URL.



Code of wp kses uri attributes: wp-includes/kses.php VER 5.1.1

function wp_kses_uri_attributes() {
	$uri_attributes = array(

	 * Filters the list of attributes that are required to contain a URL.
	 * Use this filter to add any `data-` attributes that are required to be
	 * validated as a URL.
	 * @since 5.0.1
	 * @param array $uri_attributes HTML attributes requiring validation as a URL.
	$uri_attributes = apply_filters( 'wp_kses_uri_attributes', $uri_attributes );

	return $uri_attributes;