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wp_unslash() WP 1.0

Remove slashes from a string or array of strings.

This should be used to remove slashes from data passed to core API that expects data to be unslashed.

Works based on: stripslashes_deep()
✈ 1 time = 0.000027s = very fast | 50000 times = 0.21s = very fast | PHP 7.0.5, WP 4.5.2

No Hooks.


String/Array. Unslashed $value


wp_unslash( $value );
$value(string/array) (required)
String or array of strings to unslash.


Since 3.6.0 Introduced.

Code of wp unslash: wp-includes/formatting.php WP 5.2.3

function wp_unslash( $value ) {
	return stripslashes_deep( $value );

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