wp import

Imports content from a given WXR file.

Provides a command line interface to the WordPress Importer plugin, for performing data migrations.


# Import content from a WXR file
$ wp import example.wordpress.2016-06-21.xml --authors=create
Starting the import process...
Processing post #1 ("Hello world!") (post_type: post)
-- 1 of 1
-- Tue, 21 Jun 2016 05:31:12 +0000
-- Imported post as post_id #1
Success: Finished importing from 'example.wordpress.2016-06-21.xml' file.


wp import {file}... --authors={authors} [--skip={data-type}]

You can specify global options and the following:

Path to one or more valid WXR files for importing. Directories are also accepted.
How the author mapping should be handled. Options are 'create', 'mapping.csv', or 'skip'. The first will create any non-existent users from the WXR file. The second will read author mapping associations from a CSV, or create a CSV for editing if the file path doesn't exist. The CSV requires two columns, and a header row like "old_user_login,new_user_login". The last option will skip any author mapping.
Skip importing specific data. Supported options are: 'attachment' and 'image_resize' (skip time-consuming thumbnail generation).

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