wp sidebar

Lists registered sidebars.

Commands Description
wp sidebar list Lists registered sidebars.

Source code of the commands

Lists registered sidebars.


wp sidebar list [--fields={fields}] [--format={format}]

You can specify global options and the following:

Limit the output to specific object fields.

Render output in a particular format.
Default: table
Can be:

  • table
  • csv
  • json
  • ids
  • count
  • yaml

Available fields

These fields will be displayed by default for each sidebar:

  • name
  • id
  • description

These fields are optionally available:

  • class
  • before_widget
  • after_widget
  • before_title
  • after_title


$ wp sidebar list --fields=name,id --format=csv
"Widget Area",sidebar-1
"Inactive Widgets",wp_inactive_widgets